Why is there an internal conflict in Burma/Myanmar?

In Myanmar internal ethnic groups are in conflict with the military regime. This conflict dates back to 1948, when Burma gained independence from the UK. Burma has Christians (the Karen), Muslims and Buddhists. When Buddhism was made the official religion, it worsened the situation. There has been military rule in Burma since 1958.On Aug 8th, 1988 there was a massive anti-government uprising (“The 8888 uprising”) by 100s of students and monks led to military crackdown and martial law. Many ethnic rebel groups have reached ceasefire agreements with the government. The Karen group (Christians) is an exception and continues to fight. There was another massive anti-government protest in 2007. Burma’s democratic party (NLD) has won elections, but hasn’t been allowed to form the government. Their leader, Aung San Suu Kyi has long been under house arrest.

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Keywords: Burma, internal conflict, Myanmar, junta, karen group

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